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The Fugs - Tenderness Junction 1968 (Vinyl Rip)

Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out 4:49
Knock Knock 4:28
Garden Is Open 6:22
Wet Dream 3:27
Hare Krishna 3:26
Exorcising the Evil Spirits from the Pentagon Oct. 21, 1967 3:25
War Song 5:37
Dover Beach 4:08
Fingers of the Sun 2:26
Aphrodite Mass: I. Litany of the Street Grope
Aphrodite Mass: II. Genuflection at the Temple of Squack
Aphrodite Mass: III. Petals in the Sea
Aphrodite Mass: IV. Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite
Aphrodite Mass: V. Homage to Throb Thrills

The Fugs :
Tuli Kupferberg - vocals
Ed Sanders - vocals
Ken Weaver - drums, vocals
Ken Pine - guitar, vocals
Danny Kootch - guitar, violin
Charles Larkey - bass

Flac 867Mb

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Solidboy ha detto...

Rip at 24Bit 96kHz

adamus67 ha detto...

The Fugs, are a New York band, which is one of the most important underground groups. Let no self-respecting music listener to another strange and does not even mention that the name is unknown to him.

Freak Folk - " strange is a natural phenomenon in our world"

Formed sometime around 1964 in New York. It was founded by two Jewish emigrants - Kupfenberg Tuli and Ed Sanders,and with Ken Weaver on drums. Soon afterwards, they were joined by Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber of the Holy Modal Rounders. The band was named by Kupferberg, from a euphemism for "fuck" used in Norman Mailer's novel, The Naked and the Dead.

Inspired by the band was a wide cultural heritage of Aristotle, the "King Ubu", Dadaists, Beatniks, Charlie Parker, etc.. It was a kind of melting pot of art. His first performance group started in 1965 and in the same year he was the first recording session for Folkways Records. The first album, also released in 1965 in a small print run published by Broadside entitled 'The Village Fugs Sings Ballads Of Contemporary Protest. " Group had various cultural connotations - Ken Kesey visited a commune with his Merry Pranksters, took part in the excesses psychodeliczenej San Francisco scene of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and - and what else - zakumplowali with Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention. Group performances often ended in the excesses and the intervention of the police. The Group has not shunned musical experiments that could carry out such in cooperation with the famous ESP-Disk label for which she recorded the album "The Virgin Fugs." The musicians found themselves under scrutiny, even the FBI for his leftist sympathies. Cooperation with ESP-Disk reportedly soon ended for this reason that the whole studio was a front for the mafia. Musicians of the Fugs often resorting to all kinds of actions such performance. Often, their active support was none other than poet, "cursed" the late Allen Ginsberg. It makes no sense to mention all the albums The Fugs -

adamus67 ha detto...

The band's original core members, Sanders, Kupferberg, and Weaver, were joined at various times in the 1960s by a number of others, some of whom were noted session musicians or members of other bands. These included Weber and Stampfel, bassist John Anderson, guitarist Vinny Leary, guitarist Peter Kearney, keyboardist Lee Crabtree, guitarist Jon Kalb, guitarist Stefan Grossman, singer/guitarist Jake Jacobs, guitarist Eric Gale, bassist Chuck Rainey, keyboardist Robert Banks, bassist Charles Larkey, guitarist Ken Pine, guitarist Danny Kortchmar, and drummer Bill Wolf.

For most of the last twenty-five years, The Fugs have been composed of primary singer/songwriters Sanders and Kupferberg, composer, song writer, guitarist, and long-time Allen Ginsberg-collaborator Steve Taylor, singer/songwriter and percussionist Coby Batty, and Scott Petito, a musician and music producer.

A satirical and self-satirizing rock band with a political slant, they have performed at various war protests — against the Vietnam War and since the 1980s at events around other US-involved wars. The band's often frank and almost always humorous lyrics about sex, drugs, and politics have caused a hostile reaction in some quarters.

Their participation in a protest against the Vietnam War in the late 1960s, during which they purportedly attempted to encircle and levitate the Pentagon, is chronicled in Norman Mailer's novel, Armies of the Night.

The Fugs have remained committed to literature and poetry with a socio-political thrust and often mine the history of European and American literature as inspiration for song lyrics. One of their better-known songs is an adaptation of Matthew Arnold's poem, Dover Beach. Others were renditions of William Blake's poems: Ah! Sun-flower and How Sweet I Roam'd.

After pursuing individual projects over the years, in 1984 Sanders and Kupferberg decided to reform the band and stage a series of Fugs reunion concerts. On Wednesday, August 15, 1988 at the Byrdcliff Barn in Woodstock, New York, the Fugs performed one of their first real reunion concerts. This incarnation of the Fugs included, at various times, guitarist and singer Steve Taylor who was also Allen Ginsburg's teaching assistant at the Naropa Institute, drummer and singer Coby Batty, bassist Mark Kramer, guitarist Vinny Leary (who had contributed to the first two original Fugs albums), and bassist/keyboardist Scott Petito. The re-formed Fugs performed concerts at numerous locations in the U.S. and Europe over the next several years.

In 1994 the band intended to perform a series of concerts in Woodstock, New York, (where Sanders had lived for many years) to commemorate the 1969 Woodstock Festival, which had actually occurred near the town of Bethel, some 50 miles away. They learned that a group of promoters were planning to stage Woodstock '94 that August near Saugerties, about 8 miles from Woodstock, and that this festival would be much more tightly controlled and commercialized than the original. Consequently The Fugs decided to stage their own August 1994 concerts as "The Real Woodstock Festival", in an atmosphere more in keeping with the spirit of the 1969 festival. The basic Fugs roster of Sanders, Kupferberg, Taylor, Batty, and Petito performed in this series of concerts with additional vocal support from Amy Fradon and Leslie Ritter and also with appearances by Allen Ginsberg and Country Joe McDonald.

Marco,thanks a lot!

GaragePunk66 ha detto...

Thank you Adamus67 for all the information.

cesare ha detto...

Hi, I understand it's very old but.. a re-up would be possible? Thanks

Chinhippy ha detto...

Seconding a request on a re-upload

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