domenica 12 agosto 2012

Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls 1969 (Reupload)

1.Black Sabbath 3:32
2.White Witch of Rose Hall 3:08
3.Coven in Charing Cross 4:04
4.For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 4:41
5.Pact with Lucifer 3:32
6.Choke, Thirst, Die 3:32
7.Wicked Woman 3:10
8.Dignitaries of Hell 4:09
9.Portrait 2:37
10.Satanic Mass 13:19

Coven are :
Jinx Dawson - Vocals
Jim Donlinger - Guitars, Vocals
Jim Nyeholt, John Hobbs - Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Alan Estes, Oz Osbourne - Bass
Steve Ross - Drums, Percussion

Flac Part1 Part2 Part3

2 commenti:

gregg ha detto...

track 4 on both part1 & 2 seems to be a bad file. part 3 would not unZip at all. I will try downloading 3 again, 1 & 2 were OK except for track 4. anyone else having issues with this download?

Thank you for posting it... it looks great!

Solidboy ha detto...

I tried the link posted but not the original one. works. it is stored. Thanks for the tip. Track four is a file problem. the links are not all created by me so sometimes I even drain them but not having heard I do not know if they are ok. thanks

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