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Ocean - God's Clown (1998 Mantra) 1976

Biography : Many are fans of Led Zeppelin who ever regret that their favourite band was not giving all it has got in Progressive rock, even if Jimmy Page's bearing ant its friends frequently tended to be close, displaying too rarely ("The Battle Of Evermore", "Dazed And Confused", "Stairway To Heaven", "Kashmir", "No Quarter".) a more than awesome potential. "God's Clown" certainly isn't an album of the mythic english Airship, although it's looking like, so much about compositions as the quality of the instrumentalists or as an outstanding production at the time. However, OCEAN is a true French quartet ! Founded in 1974 with the impetus given by the guitar and keyboard player Georges Bodossian and after two years of wandering, the line-up releases this first album on major label Barclay, that is an epic portrait of 40 minutes ! Music appears to be blend with Led Zeppelin Progressive rock in a King Crimson style. Exclusively English, Robert Belmonte's sometimes androgynous vocal faithfully evokes Robert Plant, as well as André Balzer of Atoll. Leader's guitars soli would be played by Jimmy Page having discover the Robert Fripp style, while the rhythmic section including bassist Nol Alberola and drummer Bernard Leroy contributes to make this album a genuine misrecognized opus.

01.Sunny Day
02.Strange Rain
03.Love Is Blind
04.The Loneliness of the Long Distance
05.From Death to Life
06.Fields of Pain
07.The Juggler
08.With the Sound I Can Escape

Robert Belmonte - Lead Vocals
Noël Alberola - Bass, Vocals
Bernard Leroy - Drums
Georges Bodossian - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

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