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Bead Game - Bead Game (Slipstream Records) 1970

Review Bead Game were a rock band from Boston and released their well respected debut, WELCOME in 1970 a complex multi-textured hybrid of jazz tinged with progressive rock with psych flourishes. They then reached a high point with a movie soundtrack which spawned the majestic Sweet Medusa. Originally recorded in 1970/71 but unable to secure record company interest this, the Bead Game's second album was shelved. 40+ years on this fine album finally has its first official release. Remastered from the original master tapes by original band member John Sheldon and including the original intended artwork with a 28 page band history. Welcome to the Bead Game. After Bead Game's demise lead singer and drummer Jim Hodder went on to become a founding member of Steely Dan and sung their sublime Midnite Cruiser and first ever single, the criminally ignored Dallas. This album, in places, mirrors the Dan sound.

01.What A Day
02.20 Dollars Bill
04.She's On The Rollin' Pin
05.This Is True
06.Roller Skatin' Baby
07.Sweet Love
08.Water Boy
10.Nude Bathin'
11.Mr Sorry
K. Westland Haag - Guitars, Vocals
Jim Hodder - Vocals, Drums
R. Gass - Keyboards
Lassie Sachs - Bass
John Sheldon - Guitars

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