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Bead Game - Bead Game (Slipstream Records) 1970

Review Bead Game were a rock band from Boston and released their well respected debut, WELCOME in 1970 a complex multi-textured hybrid of jazz tinged with progressive rock with psych flourishes. They then reached a high point with a movie soundtrack which spawned the majestic Sweet Medusa. Originally recorded in 1970/71 but unable to secure record company interest this, the Bead Game's second album was shelved. 40+ years on this fine album finally has its first official release. Remastered from the original master tapes by original band member John Sheldon and including the original intended artwork with a 28 page band history. Welcome to the Bead Game. After Bead Game's demise lead singer and drummer Jim Hodder went on to become a founding member of Steely Dan and sung their sublime Midnite Cruiser and first ever single, the criminally ignored Dallas. This album, in places, mirrors the Dan sound.

01.What A Day
02.20 Dollars Bill
04.She's On The Rollin' Pin
05.This Is True
06.Roller Skatin' Baby
07.Sweet Love
08.Water Boy
10.Nude Bathin'
11.Mr Sorry
K. Westland Haag - Guitars, Vocals
Jim Hodder - Vocals, Drums
R. Gass - Keyboards
Lassie Sachs - Bass
John Sheldon - Guitars

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Bead Game - Welcome (Fallout Records) 1970

Biography US outfit BEAD GAME was formed in Cambridge, Massachussets sometime in the lates 60's, and consisted of K. Westland Haag (guitars, vocals), Jim Hodder (vocals, drums), R. Gass (keyboards), Lassie Sachs (bass) and John Sheldon (guitars). The band managed to build up a local following in the Boston club circuit, which landed them a record deal with AVCO Embassy Records, who released their debut album Welcome in 1970. While Bead Game were working on their second album Baptism in 1970, the band fell apart. Their sophomore effort was shelved, but saw a very belated release 26 years later. Today this band is first and foremost remembered as the first band of Jim Hodder, who would later make a name for himself in US act Steely Dan. progarchives

01.Punchin Judy 5:12
02.Lady 4:22
03.Wax Circus 4:29
04.Mora 4:20
05.Natural Song 3:55
06.Country Girls 2:36
07.Amos n' Andy 4:47
08.Slipping 8:23

K. Westland Haag - Guitars, Vocals
Jim Hodder - Vocals, Drums
R. Gass - Keyboards
Lassie Sachs - Bass
John Sheldon - Guitars

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Bead Game - Welcome 1970 (full album)

Charisma - Beasts and Fiends (Wounded Bird Records) 1970

Biography Before the recording of the second album, Mike DeLisa decided to go his own way, leaving the job of lead vocalist to guitarist Tom. Beasts and Fiends was recorded at the Record Plant in NYC during the summer of 1970. The lead engineer was the top engineer in the business: Jack Hunt (the Woodstock album, Electric Ladyland), assisted by Dave Ragno (the Woodstock album), and Tom Fly (the Woodstock album, former drummer of Lother and the Hand People). While credit was given to Bruce McGaw and Ed Vallone for production, fact is the album was produced by Charisma with interference run by Jack Hunt. Charisma was offered the option to record a third album for Roulette Records, but let it pass by. Probably a mistake. Both albums sold better in Europe than they did in the USA. All income went to Roulette Records. Charisma got squat. Same old story. It looked like Charisma was headed for a breakup as drummer Rich Tortorigi and keyboardist Bob Mocarsky decided to leave the band, but Tom and Bernie located drummer Jim Roselle and keyboardist Mike Reynolds and decided to give it another go. Jim recruited Paul Midney to play saxes and flute, and Ray Mase to play trumpet, piccolo trumpet and coronetto. For a while, Charisma became Midney, named after Paul (?!!), but ended up changing their name back to Charisma. Paul eventually ended up leaving the group to do his own thing in the world of meditation and Ray went on to play with the American Brass Quintet. About this time Charisma, along with sound engineers Ron Scalise (now at ESPN) and Norman Campbell (now in California) began building a recording studio. Charisma spent the next few years in the studio. But to be able to do that they were forced to compromise their principles by playing commercial music to raise money to pay for the studio addiction. Charisma auditioned several singers as front men and finally decided on Brian Salke. Brian was not allowed to do the few non-commercial gigs that came up once in a while, but he did appear on some of Charisma’s homegrown recordings. In 1976, Charisma disbanded, leaving one incomplete recording. (Prairie Prince Minsky) (Great Album, Great Musiclink

01.Street Theatre 3:58
02.No-Tell Motel 5:08
03.Dirty Pigs Don't Get Far in This World 2:37
04.Bizwambi: Ritual Dance of the Reptiles 4:50
05.Leopold's Ghost 4:57
06.Age of the Reptiles 3:26
07.Beasts and Fiends 8:08
08.Pray for Lockjaw 3:21

Bernie Kornowicz - Bass
Ritchie Tortoridge - Drums
Tom Majesky - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Mocarsky - Keyboards, Percussion

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Living Force - Living Force (WM New Zealand) 1977

Biography Living Force were formed from the ashes of another obscure New Zealand band called Spacefarm. In reviewing their sole album, 1972-1974 era Santana is the obvious blueprint here. Plenty of Sri Chinmoy spirituality references, not to mention Carlos' trademark sustain guitar style. A bit out of its era, but wonderfully so. The Santana reference also is apparent on the percussion heavy instrumentals. The songwriter tracks are more in line with other bands from Australasia during the 70s. I hear bits of Pantha in particular, and smaller doses of Dragon, Ragnarok, and Sebastian Hardie. The album's only misstep is 'Sail This Boat', an insipid pop number that wouldn’t be out of place on a time travel American Idol episode. One wishes they would have attempted an entirely instrumental album... that would’ve been a killer. (Great Album! only front, not my rip)

01.Changes (Mann) 6:14
02.Matter Monster (Mann) 5:40
03.Jaya (Matepi) 3:30
04.Only You (Hansen) 4:40
05.Sweet Inspiration (Living Force) 3:43
06.Baja Sri (Living Force) 5:08
07.Hello Friend (Hansen) 4:23
08.Sail This Boat (Hansen) 4:19
09.Hari Bol (Hansen) 5:29

Matt Matepi - vocals, guitar, percussion
Harvey Mann - guitar, bass, vocals
Eddie Hansen - guitar, bass, vocals
John Pepper - keyboards
Mike Fisher - congas, percussion
Glen Absolum - drums, percussion

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Strider - Exposed (Universum Records) 1973

Biography Strider released two albums in 1973 and ‘74 respectively. 1973’s “Exposed” is a lost gem of an album and deserves attention. They played an excellent brand of Hard Rock/Blues in line with Status Quo, Deep Purple, Humble Pie, and Free. Their legacy post-Strider far out lived their brief carreer as a band. The record hit the shops in the prolific period of February, 1973, It mirrored much of what was changing about blues based rock. Humble Pie was moving into the mainstream with “Smokin’”, Foghat just released their debut with the Willie Dixon penned “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” getting serious airplay on the FM dial, and Zeppelin was still burning from the “Zoso” release. Most notable was what the Rolling Stones left with “Exile on Mainstreet” permeating every record for the next two years. Strider took their best club show and committed it to 40 minutes of vinyl. They were a tight R&B band with a biting guitar sound. Where other bands were dousing their audience with American standard Blues/Rock, Strider was blasting R&B tunes. Of the seven songs of their debut, two of them were R&B classics. Jackie Wilsons “Higher and Higher”, and the Temptations “Get Ready.” The later becoming a stoned out jam with some searing guitar melee closing down the second side.Ian Kewley (vocals, keyboards) wrote on the liner notes, “I think we should have started with the second album, then we’d have been better prepared for this one” But peole loved the grit of the first one and it landed them openeing tour slots with the Faces, and Rory Galagher. “Flying” was definitely the bands signature song. However, with the release of their second L.P., The band had reached their plateau. Rod Stewart was to grab up their guitar player before embarking on a solo career in the U.S., other members would start The Babys w/Jon Waite, and go on to play with Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle. 
Strider was a hard rock group from the early 70s that had the honor of participating in the Reading Festival for two consecutive years, 1973 and 1974. Strider’s original line-up consisted of Gary Grainger (guitar), Ian Kewley (vocals, keyboards), Lee Hunter (bass) and Jimmy Hawkin (drums). They came from the United Kingdom. His manager, Billy Gaff, was the same as the one of The Faces and for that reason they managed to perform with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher and The Faces. In 1973 his first album “Exposed” would arrive and a year later the second, “Misunderstood”, with new singer, Rob Elliott, and drummer Tony Brock. The Strider delight us with an excellent hard rock. The peculiar voice of Ina Kewley and the guitar strings of Gary Grainger are its main protagonists. The album starts with the powerful “Flying” and a great guitar riff. The tone is minimized in “Is not Got No Love” where good rock is still present. We finally took a break in “Woman Blue” supported by Kewley’s piano and a magnificent solo guitar ending. The hostilities continue in the frantic “Higher And Higher”. “Esther’s Place” with its different rhythm changes is a little gem. Again a typical hard rock theme, “Straddle”. The album closes with a version of “Get Ready”, the longest track of the recording and one of the best.

01.Flying 6:00
02.Ain’t Got No Love 4:17
03.Woman Blue  5:39
04.Higher And Higher 3:53
05.Esther’s Place 6:29
06.Straddle 3:48
07.Get Ready 8:47

Gary Grainger - Lead Guitar
Ian Kewley - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Lee Hunter - Bass
Jimmy Hawkins - Drums, Percussion
Janita “Jennie” Haan - Backing vocals

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 When the Power of Love overcomes Love of Power the World will know Peace.
(Jimi Hendrix)

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Welcome to Electric Music for a Mind and Body
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