martedì 15 giugno 2021

CLOSED! (maybe)

 The Blog closes, has no feedback, no comments and few visits. The time I can devote is limited and all this certainly does not encourage. See you soon, maybe. 

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Father Christmas ha detto...

C'est la vie !!!

TDK ha detto...

A pity.

I downloaded a few from you. Eagle in the past week or so. Listening, quite a bit before that.

I appreciate your efforts. Sorry if I've not made my thanks at the time.

muzicprog ha detto...

Da blog was inactive 4 2 years and a few.
Enaff time 2 dink dat dis blog is abandon´d.
´tis a pity but da dings come an da dings go.
danks 4 yer effort along da years.
P.D a big uppercut was da record of guitarrist of Fleetwood Mac JEREMY SPENCER AND THE CHILDREN, a v´ry gud record in flac.
A zillion danks 4 dis record, almost impossible 2 download in da net.
We´ll meet again sometimes!

some 27 year old ha detto...

Never mind...

Solidboy ha detto...

some 27 year old, your comment doesn't matter.

Anonimo ha detto...


pier ha detto...

ho apprezzato molto i tuoi post
Grazie per tutti i tuoi sforzi

Amigo Arhsam ha detto...

А, ну-ка не сдваться! Что ещё за выдумки. Назвался груздем - полезай в кузов! Бороться и искать, найти и не сдваться. Никто не обещал, что все будет просто! Так никогда не бывает!

Solidboy ha detto...

Amigo Arhsam на самом деле я написал, что "может быть, меня очаровывает звук винила и я делаю действительно интересные покупки". Кто знает, в будущем я скопирую эти винилы и выложу их в блог. Спасибо и до свидания.

Sir Billy Himalaya ha detto...

I wasn't aware you were back. Well, actually gone again.
Thanks for your efforts through the years.

Anonimo ha detto...

Hey Dude,

You posted nothing for three years without saying whether you'd stopped, were taking a break or what. There is only so long people keep checking back. So no wonder no one comes to the blog anymore.

I only saw the new posts because I've been cleaning up all my dead links (and as far as i was concerned this site was one of them)

If you said you were taking a break then fair enough but don't start moaning that nobody is around when you just wandered off for that long without saying a word.

Thanks for all the stuff you have posted and if you come back again try and get other regular music bloggers to highlight you've returned coz otherwise how are people supposed to know your back?

Solidboy ha detto...

Hey dude, I left the blog for 3 years due to health problems and I don't like to let all my personal problems know and if you take a look around it's always the same links that go around, nothing new to share, the usual boredom already seen, not I'm complaining I also wrote that I'm dedicating myself to collecting vinyl and probably when I post some news I will do it somewhere else and not on Blogger. See you later

JohnM ha detto...

Hi again
If you only want to post intermittently (and I understand why) then the Rockasteria blog has a message board where people post. I'm sure you'd be welcome there. I've posted a few there but nothing like the volume of others.
You have shared several that are very rare so I do appreciate your efforts.
Still, your health comes first, so look after yourself.

Solidboy ha detto...

JohnM, I know Rockasteria and have been following it for years, I download enough material from Marios' Blog but my blog is my image, I am what I publish and what you see represented in it. Thanks for the advice and comments.

FiveGunsWest ha detto...

I have blogged for 13 years, have 75 comments, but I don't post music and have no real reason to exist. I wrote for the Los Angeles Free Press for a few years and my work notes make up some of my blog pages so I can understand some people's interest or disinterest. I know people who post music, have millions of views, thousands of downloads and 1 or 2 thanks.

I just found your blog and think it's great. I wish the best for you.


Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you for your posts over the years! Got here quite a few recordings that I have never heard of before. Best of luck in your future projects. ha detto...

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forest ha detto...

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